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Tangled Threads

2 Corinthians 4:18   We don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen.


As we step into the possibilities of a brand new—never lived new year—not only do we look forward with anticipation to writing some new chapters in our lives but we also seek to walk away from past failures, regrets, missteps, or pains.   A fresh canvas called 2020 is now before us - we have turned the page - carpe diem.   We also recognize that this new year like all those before it will present many challenges and mysteries.  In the midst of those challenges and enigmatic moments may we be forever reaching for the hand of the Weaver—the Master Artist.  


Over a hundred years ago in England, of borough of West Stanley endured a great and perplexing tragedy.  A mine collapsed, trapping and killing many workers inside.  The Anglican Bishop of Durham, was asked to bring a word of comfort to those who mourned.  Standing at the mouth of the mine, he said,  “It is very difficult for us to understand why God should let such an awful disaster happen, but we know Him and we trust Him, and all will be right.  He continued—I have at home an old book mark given to me by my mother.  It is in silk, and when I examine the wrong side of it, I see nothing but a tangle of threads, crossed and re-crossed.  It looks like a big mistake.  One would think that someone had done it who did not know what they were doing.  But, when I turn it over and look at the right side, I see there in beautiful embroidered letters GOD IS LOVE.   We are looking at this today he counseled, from the wrong side.    Someday we shall see if from another standpoint, and we shall understand. 


 Indeed this is a thought to embrace that no matter what we encounter in this New Year we can trust that God is good, that He works in all things to create beauty and growth in His children.  If your life seems to be a mass of tangled threads remember that the Master Weaver can makes something beautiful and exceptional from it.  When you are puzzled or perplexed and are tempted to give up that’s the time to take your heartache to God in deep prayer.  May your faith flourish in this New Year as you take all of you to all of Him.  

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