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About me

I have been in pastoral ministry for 30 years, and I remember in my early days I pastored a particular church with its share of uptight folks.  And on one particular summer Sunday I chose to ride my motorcycle to church. When I pulled into my designated parking spot with about six youth out front watching with admiration, a particular uptight / upright deacon came briskly walking toward me with a very disturbed look on his face.  Before allowing myself to be scolded for setting a dangerous example to the churches youth by riding a motorcycle, I blurted out, “So what’s the big idea Ken.”  It brushed him back.  He knew I was not asking an abstraction.  For me it was a veiled warning not to get into it with me about riding a motorcycle and breaking with his narrow perception of what was proper.  It effectively set him back on his heels enough to mute his prepared attack.


Over the years people have asked me with earnestness, both in and out of church, “What is the big idea of the Christian life?”  People yearn to know the ultimate goal and substance of the Christian life.  This website has been birthed out of a desire within me to pass on to others, believers and unbelievers alike, what I have discovered to be the “Big Idea” of the uniquely Christian life.  I seek to do so with creativity, relevance, and sometimes provocative intrigued.   What does it mean to live under the authority of a Holy God? What does it mean to seek the glory and character of God?  What does it mean to love God, neighbor, and self? To live in the presence of God is to understand that at all times, we live under God’s holy gaze.  There are no escapes from His presence. To live in the Big Idea is to realize that there is no higher calling than to seek to honor God through adoration, gratitude, and service.


This site is my personal attempt to share through my sermons, writings, personal stories, and other resources what I believe is the “Big Idea” of a uniquely Christian life.  I have named this Website because it incorporates my lifelong nickname “Zimmy” with my constant desire to be an “Inspiration” unto others.  I offer this site for the edification of Christian’s and for the stimulation of those who are simply seekers and have not planted your theological feet.  May it truly be Zimspiration to all. Glory to His Name.


Pastor Robert Zimmerman

For a more extensive ministry biography, please click on the church.

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