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Aging Well


I recently read an article that plays tongue and cheek with the symptoms of aging.  Of course aging is relative. For example Mr. Donald Brubaker, dear friend of the Westgate family, always says to me “Good Morning Young Man” or “Good afternoon Young Man.”  When he says this I always smile because I no longer feel like a young man, but from his perspective I am a young man.  I can remember getting very depressed when I approached my thirtieth birthday…(just a few years ago)…and I surmised that I should be much further along in my life at 30 then I was.  Enough already…here is the list from the article I read about knowing when your aging.

  1. You Know your aging when….

  2. Your back goes out more than you do.

  3. You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room.

  4. You buy a compass for the dash of your car/truck.

  5. You are proud of your lawn mower.

  6. Your best friend is dating someone half their age, and isn't breaking any laws.

  7. Your arms are almost too short to read the newspaper.

  8. You sing along with the elevator music.

  9. You would rather go to work than stay home sick.

  10. You enjoy hearing about other people's operations.

  11. You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.

  12. People call at 9:00 p.m. and ask, "Did I wake you?"


We could list many more indicators of aging but here is a startling thought.  AS WE GET OLDER, OUR VISION SHOULD IMPROVE. That’s right, you heard me correctly.  Not our vision of earth, but our vision of heaven. Those who have spent their life looking for heaven gain a skip in their step as the city comes into view.  After Michelangelo died, someone found in his studio a piece of paper on which he had written a note to his apprentice. In the handwriting of his old age the great writer wrote: “Draw, Antonio, and do not waste time.”  There was a well founded urgency, carpe diem.  Time slips. Days Pass. Years fade. And life ends.  And what we came to do must be done while there is time.  He told me to tell you!

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