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Bullets Or Seeds


Acts 20:35 It is more blessed to give than receive.


Here is some free advice as we are entering the challenges and fresh days of a New Year.  You can offer your thoughts and ideas to others as bullets or as seeds. You can shoot them, or sow them; hit people in the head with them, or plant them in their hearts.  Thoughts and ideas used as bullets will kill inspiration and neutralize motivation. Thoughts and ideas used as seeds, when taking root and growing, become a powerful reality in the life in which they are planted.


The only risk in the seed approach to influence, is that once the seeds grows and becomes part of those in whom it is planted; you probably won’t get much credit for the influence you have had.  But if you are willing to do without the credit you will reap a rich harvest.


When I was just short of my fifth birthday a bullet tragically penetrated my father and killed him instantly.  I lived with the pain and mystery of this hurt for many years. But amazingly when I was seventeen some radiant Christians began sowing seeds of faith and hope in my life, and in time those seeds took root, grew, and became the most powerful blessing of my life.  As we face another new year I challenge you to plant your ideas and dreams in others as seeds to be watered rather than bullets to be fired. He told me to tell you.  Thanks, Blessed New Year.

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