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The Peace Of Jesus


The Church of Jesus had its beginning with a group of petrified men behind locked doors in a Jerusalem home.  They had marched with Jesus for three and a half years, they now were immobilized in fear. They were reluctant, timid, probably speechless and most certainly in shock.   Daring to dream that the Master had left them some word, a plan, some direction, they came back and gathered together in Jerusalem.


But little did they know their wildest dreams were not wild enough.  As they wait in fear and doubt eventually the living Christ appears among them and says “Peace by with you.”  Surprise…the one who was betrayed seeks his betrayers.  And what does He say to them? Not “You guys are a bunch of losers…where were you when I needed you…you’re a bunch of flops!”  No, not one word of judgment…but rather the simple phrase, “Peace be with you.”  Just one simple phrase—once again the very thing they did not have was the very thing he offered: PEACE.  


The Peace of Christ be with you my  Westgate brothers and sisters…may our journey together in His name be filled with His divine presence which manifest with His holy peace.

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